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Falkenstein, Charles (-)
Falkenstien, Julie Ann (-)
Falkner, Arnold (-)
Farr, Thelma Louise (-)
Faust, Becky (-)
Fazenbaker, James J. (-)
Fazenbaker, Pauline C. (NOV-6-1961-)
Fazenbaker, Robert Edward (-)
Fazenbaker, Vera Gearldine (APR-29-1917-)
Fearer, Mary Delphine (-)
Feather, Adam (APR-25-1800-JUL-30-1884)
Feather, Albert Franklin (DEC-18-1899-)
Feather, Allytia (Allie) (MAY-13-1867-NOV-23-1944)
Feather, Alva Clifton (1873-)
Feather, Andrew Allen (Jack) (AUG-12-1902-JUL-3-1959)
Feather, Andrew Elias (DEC-12-1865-APR-4-1947)
Feather, Archibald Summers (JUN-7-1897-JAN-16-1964)
Feather, Atha Maxine (FEB-22-1922-)
Feather, Avalena Faye (FEB-02-1935-)
Feather, Benjamin Gilbert (APR-16-1877-MAR-27-1918)
Feather, Bessie Ada (MAR-9-1872-)
Feather, Betty Lou (JUL-13-1923-1924)
Feather, Bonnie Sue (MAR-26-1937-)
Feather, Cementha Jane (AUG-18-1851-JUL-17-1934)
Feather, Charles B. (OCT-5-1892-OCT-7-1897)
Feather, Charles Edward (-)
Feather, Chester Leon (NOV-16-1920-)
Feather, Chester Raymond (FEB-5-1892-)
Feather, Christian (AUG-15-1802-JAN-01-1883)
Feather, Christina (Christeny) (NOV-1-1818-MAY-26-1885)
Feather, Clarissa Jane (-)
Feather, David Cleveland (1-12-1888-)
Feather, David Henry (JUN-19-1897-JAN-?-1980)
Feather, David Summers (JUN-25-1847-MAY-10-1930)
Feather, Delbert Deland (JUL-10-1941-)
Feather, Delores Jean (OCT-4-1943-)
Feather, Dexter E. (JUN-21-1921-JUN-21-1921)
Feather, Dolly Blanche (NOV-16-1911-)
Feather, Donna Lorraine (MAR-29-1931-)
Feather, Dottie Sue (SEP-10-1940-)
Feather, Edith M. (DEC-10-1906-)
Feather, Effie Christian (4-30-1880-)
Feather, Elizabeth (MN Unknown) (JAN-26-1898-JAN-26-1898)
Feather, Elizabeth M. "Lyde" (8-14-1876-)
Feather, Elsie Belle (JUL-26-1890-MAY-27-1972)
Feather, Emma Belle (DEC-26-1868-APR-25-1918)
Feather, Eve C. (-)
Feather, Eve Catharine (JAN-16-1798-)
Feather, Fred Franklin (APR-11-1926-AUG-30-1926)
Feather, Garland Henry (NOV-4-1912-)
Feather, Glenna Irene (APR-23-1927-)
Feather, Goldie Levada (MAY-13-1906-)
Feather, Guy Edwin (JUN-12-1904-)
Feather, Harry Leory (APR-22-1919-)
Feather, Harvey Arlington (FEB-1-1864-)
Feather, Helen Marie (AUG-8-1939-)
Feather, Henry Clay (APR-13-1874-DEC-29-1940)
Feather, Henry Haymond (OCT-21-1904-NOV-3-1962)
Feather, Henry Leroy (APR-22-1919-)
Feather, Iretta Marie (JUL-10-1910-)
Feather, Isaac B. (DEC-5-1834-APR-30-1921)
Feather, Isaac Christian (MAR-25-1867-)
Feather, Jacob (SEP-10-1759-MAY-22-1832)
Feather, Jacob (MAR-02-1796-)
Feather, Jacob Luther (JUL-18-1846-MAY-01-1935)
Feather, James (JUN-26-1809-MAY-29-1886)
Feather, James Albert (JUL-16-1867-FEB-8-1936)
Feather, James Connery (JUN-9-1837-)
Feather, John Scott (SEP-5-1874-JUL-24-1962)
Feather, John Solomon (FEB-08-1794-)
Feather, John Summers (JAN-7-1827-FEB-13-1909)
Feather, Joseph Allen (4-30-1884-)
Feather, Joseph B. (-)
Feather, Joseph B. (JUL-14-1816-)
Feather, Joseph Clinton (APR-2-1900-JUL-1-1901)
Feather, Laura Belle (JUN-4--1865-)
Feather, Leona May (FEB-21-1922-DEC-23-1946)
Feather, Lettie Jane (MAR-30-1895-)
Feather, Lucille Pearl (JAN-28-1920-)
Feather, M. L. (-)
Feather, Mahala (-)
Feather, Mahala Catharine (OCT-3-1846-*JAN-19-1911)
Feather, Martha "Mattie" (AUG-30-1872-FEB-3-1880)
Feather, Martha Florence (APR-21-1902-)
Feather, Martha Rebecca (-)
Feather, Mary Ann (OCT-28-1792-DEC-12-1794)
Feather, Mary Ann (-)
Feather, Mary Caherine (NOV-11-1857-APR-11-1922)
Feather, Mary Elizabeth (APR-17-1869-)
Feather, Melissa Ellen (FEB-11-1867-SEP-4-1923)
Feather, Merle (-)
Feather, Mollie Ann (DEC-28-1874-)
Feather, Nestor Agnes (-)
Feather, Norman Keith (NOV-07-1928-)
Feather, Obadiah (Obe) (SEP-29-1870-DEC-12-1922)
Feather, Okey Cornelius (FEB-14-1908-)
Feather, Opal Katharine (OCT-5-1908-)
Feather, Orpha Christina (MAY-12-1874-JAN-22-1945)
Feather, Paul H. (-)
Feather, Paul Raymond Homer (NOV-20-1924-MAR-3--1937)
Feather, Pearl Elizabeth (SEP-28-1894-)
Feather, Rachel Sabina (JUN-28-1886-DEC-21-1917)
Feather, Ralph Franklin (JUN-28-1908-)
Feather, Robert Freeman (8-23-1882-)
Feather, Rose Mary (OCT-21-1958-)
Feather, Ruby Cathrine (MAR-03-1931-)
Feather, Sabra Jane (NOV-16-1851-JAN-24-1921)
Feather, Samuel E. (-)
Feather, Samuel S. (8-28-1878-)
Feather, Sarah (JUN-24-1807-)
Feather, Shirley Ann (-)
Feather, Staley (JUN-20-1920-JUN-20-1920)
Feather, Staley (JAN-10-1899-SEP-16-1977)
Feather, Stella Bessie (OCT-4-1905-)
Feather, Sura B. (1884-1953)
Feather, Thomas Jefferson (APR-27-1870-FEB-14-1953)
Feather, Unnamed (Female) (MAR-31-1916-MAR-31-1916)
Feather, Unnamed (Male) (MAY-10-1896-JUN-10-1896)
Feather, Unnamed Male (AUG-9-1929-)
Feather, Verna Blanche (MAY-5-1918-)
Feather, Wilma Ellen (AUG-30-1914-)
Feather, Zaccheus (-)
Feather, Zaccheus (JUL-14-1805-MAR-1891)
Feathers, Jane Virginia (OCT-14-1812-)
Ferguson, Alcinda (1828-)
Ferguson, Caroline (1828-)
Ferguson, William (ABT 1790-1876)
Fernandez, Michelle Irene (-)
Feuerstein, Frank (-)
Ficca, Gerald Sr. (-)
Ficca, Stephanie Elizabeth (SEP-13-1989-)
Fike, Ada Gay (-)
Fike, Bo James (JAN-1-1982-)
Fike, Carl (1906-1978)
Fike, David (MAR-1--1823-4-23-1905)
Fike, Douglas (MAR-14-1956-)
Fike, Elaine (-)
Fike, John S. (-)
Fike, Juanita (DEC-24-1929-)
Fike, Linda Susanna (-)
Fike, Naomi (-)
Fike, Ross (-)
Fike, Ruby (-)
Fike, Sarah (JUN-7--1842-DEC-30-1915)
Fike, Shielah Marlene (-)
Fike, Tammy Sue (SEP-22-1972-)
Filsinger, John Edward Jr (-)
Filsinger, John Edward Sr. (-)
Filsinger, Rebecca Dawn (MAR-8--1976-)
Filsinger, Rebecca Dawn (MAR-8-1976-)
Finkanhour, William (-)
Fischer, Margaret Erin (NOV-28-72-)
Fisher, Andrew Lewis (-)
Fisher, Beth Ann (JUN-26-1980-)
Fisher, Ronald (-)
Fitchett, Aleatha Malissa (AUG-31-1883-)
Fitchett, Almetta (APR-19-1872-MAY-24-1892)
Fitchett, Arnest Allen (JAN-22-1868-JUL-16-1890)
Fitchett, Benjamin (JAN-17-1881-)
Fitchett, Daniel E. (2-23-1839-)
Fitchett, David E. (AUG-21-1899-OCT-9-1899)
Fitchett, Elias Green (FEB-23-1833-JUN-23-1897)
Fitchett, Elizabeth E. (JAN-2-1876-)
Fitchett, Ida B. (JAN-1-1874-MAR-20-1953)
Fitchett, John F. (JAN-?-1880-)
Fitchett, Joseph Henry (NOV-15-1866-NOV-12-1943)
Fitchett, Margaret Ann (Maggie) (JUN-19-1870-MAR-18-1953)
Fitchett, Rebecca (MN Unknown) (-)
Fitzwater, George (Gurge) (-)
Flint, Howard (-)
Flint, Shirley Ann (JUN-27-1939-)
Flood, Frank (-)
Floyd, Richard (-)
Floyd, Richard (-)
Floyd, Rosemary (-)
Fonner, Fredrick Allen (DEC-3-19---)
Ford, Ethel Marie (OCT-11-1915-)
Ford, Robert L. (-)
Forman, Chester (NOV-24-1901-JAN-29-1995)
Forman, Ezra (-)
Forney, Elizabeth (-)
Forney, John (-)
Fortney, Achel William (-)
Fortney, Armina Olive (-)
Fortney, Oakey (-)
Fournier, Alphonse (-)
Fox, Laura Lorene (9-24-1910-)
Fox, Mrs. Richard (-)
Fox, Richard (-)
Foy, Carlton (-)
Frankhouser, Brenda Lee (NOV-6-1958-)
Frankhouser, Cora P. (-)
Frankhouser, Kimberly (DEC-17-1959-)
Frankhouser, Wade (1900-1965)
Frankhouser, William "Bill" Wade (MAY-11-1938-MAY-11-1989)
Frantz, Frank Cole (-)
Frazee, Aletta Alane (-)
Frazee, Amanda (-)
Frazee, Barbara Ann (-)
Frazee, Bernice L. (-)
Frazee, Betty (-)
Frazee, Gerald Douglas Jr. (-)
Frazee, Gerald Douglas "Mike" (AUG-14-1945-OCT-1-1996)
Frazee, Noah William (-)
Frazee, Tina Marie (-)
Frazee, William F. (-)
Freeman, Sammy (-)
Friend, Alice (-)
Friend, Annis Rae (OCT-23-1937-)
Friend, Arnold Beason (OCT-28-1914-JAN-18-1963)
Friend, Betty (-)
Friend, Caroline (-)
Friend, Darvin Paul (FEB-28-1940-)
Friend, Dorothy Helen (-)
Friend, Francis (-)
Friend, Gary (-)
Friend, John (-)
Friend, Kenneth (Kenny) (-)
Friend, Leona (Pud) Mildred (-)
Friend, Margaret Louise (APR-12-1937-)
Friend, Michael Lee (JUL-18-1946-)
Friend, Norma (-)
Friend, Otis (-)
Friend, Richard Eugene (SEP-2-1946-)
Friend, Samuel (-)
Friend, Sandra (-)
Friend, Tracey (-)
Friend, Wade (-)
Friend, Willard Elvon (MAR-6-1936-MAY-3-1939)
Friends, Jerry Lee (-)
Fries, Jessie (Jess) J. (-DEC-20-1969)
Fries, Lurane Anne (SEP-3-1867-APR-24-1949)
Fries, Myrtle May (-)
Fries, Robert (-)
Frye, Mary B. (-)
Fullmer, Charles Earl (DEC-14-1895-)
Funk, Carrie Jane (1876-1963)

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